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West Indian meets the World

As a child growing up, the only thing American about me was my birth certificate. My siblings and I knew once we heard the reggae or calypso on a Saturday morning that it was time to clean. A great ending to the weekend was curry chicken, rice, potato stuffing, potato salad and some type of vegetable. It wasn't until middle school that I started understanding different cultures and traditions. I started developing friendships with people from all over the U.S. Once I started attending high school, it jumped to international. I've always been a foodie, always trying new things she'd introduce to my palate. It opened me up to trying just about anything out there (that wasn't harmful of course).

I would sit in the kitchen every single time my mom or grandma was in the kitchen. It was then I realized my love for medicine was being replaced...I wanted to be a chef. Watching the reactions of friends and family from eating the food that my mom cooked did something to me. I knew I wanted to give people that same satisfaction.

I dove into the culinary world head first once I got to high school. I took part in many competitions and extra curricular groups that had to do with food. I even got to assist international chefs in the beginning of my career. I went on to further my education at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  

In 2017, I decided to take that leap of fate and share my passion with everyone else. I started allowing people to place orders Mon-Fri. It was overwhelming and I realized I needed more structure. I revamped and came out with weekly specials that would interest everyone. I was pleased but I wanted more. As of today, I ship products such as sauces, marinades, & holiday seasonal drinks to states all over the U.S. My dreams of people from all over tasting my work has been happening and it'll only get better. 

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